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Conflict At Work - resolve workplace conflict

A website dedicated to help resolve conflict and find peace at work

Phoenix Associates offer services to both employees and management

If, as an individual and employee you feel:

  • you are being victimised at work and you don't know how to resolve your problem?
  • you are having to suffer continuous or insidious harassment at work?
  • the victim of constant workplace bullying?
  • you are becoming increasingly subjected to workplace discrimination?
  • physically and emotionally drained to the point that you dread going to work?
  • your confidence at work is at an all time low?
  • there is no one at work that you can trust or confide in to help you resolve your workplace conflict, and that no one at work will believe you anyway?
  • you are questioning your own sanity and judgement, imagining the conflict and workplace problems could all be in your mind?
  • you are losing, or have already lost, your own self-respect and the respect of your peers at work?

If, as a manager or employer you have:

  • a need to resolve potential conflict arising from your need to implement a radical change in the workplace?
  • a current major conflict in the workplace or breakdown of relationships resulting in a lack of trust in management by the work force that you need to resolve? 
  • staff under increasing stress resulting in high absenteeism and a downturn in workplace morale?
  • ineffective management of the work force with instances of harassment, bullying and discrimination?
  • a need to resolve conflict and eliminate barriers that inhibit the motivation of the work force and optimising their individual potential?
  • barriers to change in the workplace due due past difficulties in being able to resolve conflict effectively?
  • a culture of using disciplinary procedures as the first rather than last resort to resolve conflict or problems at work?

If you want to try to turn your life around and eliminate or resolve your conflict at work, but you don't know how to go about it or whom you feel you can turn to in your workplace ..........


If you know what needs to be done in your workplace to achieve increased efficiency etc, but can’t see the way forward to prevent or resolve the conflict that will arise .........

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